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Get a Refurbished Mac [Your Mac]

How would you like a refurbished Mac. what about if we refurbished your Mac? At LogoSystems we offer more than just support. The LogoSystems Health Check can help speed up, clean, and return your Mac to its former glory.

The Inside

Firstly we run a full suite of Apple diagnostics, the official diagnostics used by Apple to eliminate any kind of hardware issue and check to see if your Mac would benefit from a memory or storage upgrade.  We will discuss with you the pros and cons of any potential operating system upgrades and if there is a requirement, add it to the process.

We physically dismantle the Mac and carefully remove any foreign objects such as dust and fluff pulled into the unit via the cooling fans and give the internal workings a full laundry service. We then rebuild the unit ensuring all screws are tight and in their correct places and replace any missing feet on the bottom cases of Macbook portable devices. You will be amazed at how much dust and fluff can be dragged into your Mac via the cooling fans.

The Outside

Once the inside is done we will rebuild the Mac repacking any missing screws. We will thoroughly clean the casing and housings, the keyboard and display and pay attention to all the ports and cooling ports.

The Software

Finally we work through any hard drive or solid state drive directory issues, operating system updates, application software updates and then check for Adware, Malware and anything else that shouldn’t be on the Mac.

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