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Tell us what you want and we'll do our best to help you achieve it. We take on all kinds of short and long term IT Projects.

Recent projects include building an IOS device based iAuditor system for a construction company to create checklists, safety reports and inspections for the building trade and moving an entire email systems from POP and IMAP accounts over to Office 365 business class Exchange mail.​


Recent Project

Wall mounted an iMac with Vesa
One of our long term customers is an avid Mac user but is sadly struggling with Multiple Sclerosis and has recently become confined to bed. He still operates his business and wanted a solution to allow him to operate his Mac.
We came up with a proposal to add a Vesa mount to a 27" iMac and hang it over his bed.
We removed the original stand from the iMac and installed a genuine Apple Vesa Mount. We tracked down and installed a wall mounted monitor arm capable of holding 12.7Kg and hung it on the wall behind the bed, allowing it to swing into action whenever it's needed.
We are happy to say that James was very pleased with the outcome.
Custom Projects