About Us

My name is Matthew Goddard and I started LogoSystems in 1990 with my good friend Vince Love, hence the name LogoSystems.

Vince was a Sales Manager and I was a Service Manager at Apple Authorised Dealers

We got things off the ground and after 5 pretty successful years, Vince went off to create a new venture in 1995. 

I have been in charge ever since. I am no Richard Branson but I am proud of the fact that we are still going 30+ years later.

We have been through many changes over the years.
When we started we were repairing Mac Plus and Mac SE Computers (I personally started with Apple II and Apple III and went on to Apple Lisa.


There was no remote access. In fact there was no Internet!

When a computer went wrong we always used to have to go to a customer site. When a customer needed a new printer driver we had to copy it to a floppy disk and send it there on a bike. 

How things have changed!
Nowadays we do most repairs remotely but our Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians still provide workshop and onsite assistance whenever you and your Mac users need it.
We have many customers who didn’t think they needed us, but once they got on board, have stayed because they know we go the extra mile.
We have over 100 five star Google reviews.
Why have a team of graphic designers fixing their Mac problems when they are meant to be designing?

We don’t do hard sales, our business is built on reviews and referrals.
We would love to discuss your IT support requirements.

Matthew Goddard - LogoSystems
Matthew Goddard