Subscription Terms & Conditions

GDPR Policy

We only collect personal data needed in order for us to maintain a working relationship with clients, suppliers and staff. This consists of the following information: First name, surname, address, postcode, email address, landline, mobile number and IP address.


• When adding a record to our database we confirm at the point of data collection that you are happy for us to retain your data

• We only hold as much data needed to maintain our relationship

• Data is only held for as long as it is needed

• Any information we hold on an individual can be requested by that individual.

• All data is stored within a GDPR compliant database on a secure SSL encrypted server

• Our premises is clearly signed that we are GDPR compliant and that CCTV images are being recorded and stored

• We endeavour to keep retained data relevant and up to date and may contact you for this purpose

• Data is never shared with third parties for sales or marketing



All time-scales given are subject to current backlog. All repairs are typically diagnosed within two working days of receipt unless our ‘Express’ service has been requested and paid for. All repairs will be formally quoted with the projected cost, providing the pre-paid labour charge of £90 is exceeded. Intermittent faults are difficult to replicate, therefore diagnosis time may be protracted. Due to the cost of certain parts the price of a repair can exceed the current value of a Mac. If we feel that this is the case we will inform you. Diagnosis fees are non refundable, however in the event of the device being a write off we will assist with transferring of data from a fully working source within the diagnostic charge.



Neither LogoSystems Ltd nor its employees will be responsible for data on hard disks or removable media. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure data is backed-up, prior to booking-in for repair or assessment. The customer accepts that in extreme circumstances the data contained within the unit being left with LogoSystems Ltd may be lost or degraded. FURTHER THAT ALL SUCH DATA HAS BEEN BACKED UP BY THE CUSTOMER and that any such loss of data during any investigation, repair and the like by LogoSystems Ltd, shall not be their responsibility.



All repairs require payment of £150 in order to activate the repair. This covers the cost of collection and delivery, diagnostics, a quotation, and labour. The labour required for almost all LogoSystems Ltd services is included in this initial payment, although certain jobs may require further labour charges if there is considerably more work needed than usual. This additional costing will always be presented to you for approval before the work is undertaken. An ‘Express’ service is available, subject to workload and additional charges. Please be aware that the ‘Express’ service entitles you to priority service within LogoSystems Ltd’s queuing system only and is payable in advance. Delays to your repair where LogoSystems Ltd is not at fault will not be considered grounds for refund.


Please do not send in accessories (e.g. power cables, keyboards, mice etc.), unless there is a specific fault with them. LogoSystems Ltd will not accept responsibility for accessories.


Replacement Parts

Any parts removed and / or replaced become the property of LogoSystems Ltd, unless otherwise requested at time of booking-in by the customer.