Mac Upgrades

Give your Mac a boost

Why upgrade to a new Mac when there is plenty of life in your existing one. We supply performance upgrades for Apple Mac laptop and desktop devices including Memory (RAM) upgrade, Solid State Drive upgrades, and MacOS updates to versions that are no longer available.

  • SSD Upgrades
  • Replacing the spinning hard drive or Apple fusion drive with a Solid State Drive upgrade (otherwise known as SSD upgrade) will dramatically speed up the overall performance of a Mac Laptop or Desktop..​

  • RAM Upgrades
  • A Memory upgrade (otherwise known as RAM upgrade) will provide a real boost to applications such as Photos, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite and other Graphics heavy programs.

  • OS Updates
  • We keep installers for all versions of the MacOS operating systems on our in house servers. We can repair, rebuild or reinstall any Mac operating system right up to the current APFS based file systems.​

  • Health Checks
  • We carry out Mac service health checks on both desktop and laptop devices. This involves dismantling and cleaning hardware, and checking for software issues such as directory problems, adware and malware. 

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