This might just save a life. (Or help get your phone back)

iPhone Medical ID

Did you know that an iPhone can give access to the owners medical information and emergency contact details without the entry of a passcode? To configure this information go to the Health App on your iPhone. Tap Medical ID option in the bottom right hand corner and then select Create Medical ID.
You can then fill as much or as little information as you wish.

Once you have entered this information, if you set the Show When Locked option to On anyone who finds you in distress or anyone [honest] who finds your iPhone in the back of a taxi or down the side of a sofa can press Emergency in the bottom left hand corner of the unlock screen and then tap Medical ID in the same place on the following screen.  This will give them access to the emergency medical and contact details for the owner of the phone.

We are regularly visited by honest London black taxi drivers, attempting to find the owner of an iPhone, accidentally left on the back seat of their cab.  If a lost iPhone is taken into an AppleStore the staff will not reveal the registered owner of the phone to a third party due to the data protection act so the original owner cannot be traced.

If you take our tip, it may just help a good samaritan to return your lost iPhone and in extreme circumstances, the information entered, may just save somebodies life!

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  • Thomas Johnson
    Posted at 20:44h, 10 October Reply

    Very interesting.

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