Cyber Security – Steps to Protect Yourself

Here are some basic steps to protect you and your business from cyber crime. Even if you think you are “cyber savvy” this is worth a 5 minute read. Make sure your accounts department are aware.

Spotting Phishing Emails

Just because an email appears to contain your correct contact details, it doesn’t mean it’s from a trusted source. Your information can be farmed from many places including Companies House and social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Your own company website can also be a source of useful information for a cyber criminal. You’ve probably heard this many times before but your bank will never ask you to click on a link in an email to verify your details, even if it does look genuine. If you are unsure, always call your bank first using the number on the back of your card.
Certain companies sometimes send emails including links requesting you to log in. Our advice is that unless you are 100% certain you are heading to the correct place, do not follow a link within an email. If you hover a link (move your cursor over it but don’t click) within an email you will see exactly where it is going to take you. If you are remotely suspicious, do not click it. https at the beginning of a url suggests the site is secure but does not mean it is the site you think you are heading to. They are not always easy to spot such as or (look at them carefully).

Keep Your Business Safe

• Never type a username or password into a site that you have followed from an email.

• Always hover an email link to show where you will be heading.
• Always turn on Multi Factor Verification (also known as two-step) if it’s available.
• Never add new clients to your online banking via an email instruction alone.
• Never change the bank account details for a client via an email instruction alone.
• Never give remote access to your computer to anyone you are not 100% certain of.

LogoSystems Email Security

We offer Office 365 email systems that feature centralised email signatures and robust security protection. Centralised email signatures mean we can design one signature that automatically applies itself to every single email that your team sends, no matter what device it is sent from. The signature is managed from one location and automatically adapts itself to display the correct user’s details. Any changes to company information or artwork can be rolled out within minutes, instead of having to update each person’s devices with the new signature.

Our Office 365 email security system scans every single email for thousands of known threats and uses AI to constantly learn and highlight new security risks. The system can protect against scam emails, unwanted spam and more dangerous attacks such as phishing/spear-phishing attacks. All attachments are scanned for malware and every single link in every single email is scanned when you click on it to make sure you are going to a legitimate website.

For more information please contact us and select Office 365 Email, Signatures & Security.

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Matthew Goddard
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