13″ MacBook Pro Swollen Battery Trackpad Failure

The Problem

Under certain conditions, in particular when the Lithium ION battery in a MacBook or MacBook Pro has reached extreme temperatures, the battery can display symptoms of what is called thermal runaway. This causes the cell to ‘swell up’. The first signal that you may be experiencing thermal runaway is that the trackpad may start to respond erratically. The next stage is that the trackpad click mechanism starts to feel tighter and stiffer. If you are having these symptoms it is definitely time to have the Lithium ION battery replaced. We have also seen this happen to the older white MacBook unibody models and on some 15″ MacBook Pro models.

The Solution

We can supply a genuine Apple battery for any MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and normally have stock of most versions.
In extreme circumstances, your Mac can end up looking like the one in the pictures and end up needing a new trackpad as well as a new battery (we keep most MacBook trackpads in stock as well) so if you feel that you are experiencing the symptoms described we would advise you to either call us to discuss the situation or to book a repair.

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Matthew Goddard
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