Working From Home

When you work together in an office and have an IT problem, it's easy to turn to a colleague and ask for help.

Not quite so simple when you are working remotely.

Having the correct level of IT support available to remote workers is imperative.

A LogoSystems support subscription gives your entire team a priority IT support service desk, regardless of working at the office, working from home or anywhere else in the world!
Call or email our service desk to create a support ticket and we will do the rest, remotely.

COVID-19: Tips for Working From Home Successfully

Obviously having a home office or a even spare room is great, but if you aren’t so fortunate, create a dedicated working area. Remember you are probably going to be having video conferences so think carefully about your backdrop. Nobody wants to see your laundry hanging behind you or a counter full of dirty dishes.
Think about yourself, your posture, and your wellbeing. Make sure you are sitting comfortably and if you aren’t, rethink your dedicated workspace. You are going to be spending a lot of time in this position so its definitely worth considering a desk and a comfortable office chair if you dont already have one.
There will always be shirkers who see working from home as a chance to paint the bathroom but they always get found out. Arrive at your dedicated workspace on time and try to keep some routine. Take regular breaks and have a proper lunch break, set alarms on your phone. It is very easy to find yourself not leaving the computer for 5 hours.
Have a daily team meeting and maintain regular contact between colleagues using Zoom Meetings or Microsoft Teams. Think about how you look, how you feel, even how you smell, it all makes a difference to your confidence and the way your colleagues see you. A zoom meeting can be just as productive as a board room meeting. It just takes a bit of getting used to.
Think carefully about your backup situation. Many of you will be used to an automatic backup system that runs in the office such as Time Machine or PressStore. This will not be operational while you are working from home so consider buying an external hard drive and run a personal Time Machine backup. Alternatively make sure all your key information is being stored on your company server or in your company cloud.
On the first day you are working from home you will stress out if the dog barks or the children burst in while you are on the phone or in the middle of a video conference. By day three you start to realise that most people are experiencing these kinds of challenges and it just takes a bit of adjusting and explaining. Don’t be afraid to explain what you are experiencing. People understand.

When you are working in an office environment your colleagues can see what you are doing and are normally aware of conversations, telephone calls and other occurrences that you just take for granted they know about. When you are working from home nobody can hear your telephone calls, see when you have updated a project, or even popped to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Communication is the key to survival of a remote workforce. A company WhatsApp group is a starting point but a communications app such as #Slack or Microsoft Teams keep your communication at its best possible level.

If you don’t currently have an IT support subscription in place or feel that you and your team are not being supported as well as you would like, please contact us so we can provide you with a quotation to support your business through this unpredictable time.

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