The dreaded spinning beachball, unexpected shutdowns or running slowly while using the Mac can indicate a faulty storage device. Meanwhile a flashing question mark in a folder or getting stuck during the startup process means the same. If you have not already done so, back up all, or as much of the data as possible and then book a repair below. If a hard drive fails we recommend upgrading to a solid state drive to drastically increase the speed and resilience of the Mac. All drives we supply come with a minimum 2 year warranty.

If the Mac is displaying any of these symptoms every second counts, particularly if you don’t have a backup.


If a hard drive has failed and there is no current backup of your data we are here to help. We perform data recovery on corrupted hard drives or drives with damaged directory structures. If data is not accessible and there is no backup, select the data recovery option when booking a repair to instigate a recovery. We operate on a ‘no recovery no fee’ basis and all procedures used are non destructive.