Repairs & Upgrades

We offer repair services and performance upgrades for Apple Mac computers including OS updates, RAM and Solid State Drive upgrades, data recovery, health checks and Mac refurbishing services.

We can also provide insurance quotations for liquid and accidental damage.

RAM & SSD Upgrades

A Mac RAM (Memory) upgrade will provide a real boost to applications such as Photos, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite and other Graphics heavy programs. An SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade will dramatically speed up the overall performance of a Mac.

Mac Health Checks

We carry out Mac service health checks on both desktop and laptop devices. This involves dismantling and cleaning hardware, and checking for software issues such as directory problems, adware and malware. We are also experts at locating unnecessary files that use disk space.

Mac Repairs

We offer non-warranty Mac repairs for most laptop and desktop Macs. We will always try our best to offer repairs for 'vintage' Macs.

(Some of the newer Mac laptops can be uneconomic to repair)

Data Recovery

If a hard drive has failed and there is no current backup of your data, we can help. We perform data recovery on corrupted hard drives or drives with damaged directory structures. We operate on a ‘no recovery no fee’ basis and all procedures used are non destructive.

Insurance Quotations

We can provide accurate insurance quotations for physical damage to a Mac or a liquid damaged Mac. If a device looks like it is going to be beyond repair we can also provide an accurate recommendation for a suitable replacement to your insurers.

OS Updates & Rebuilds

We keep installers of all versions of the MacOS X operating system on our servers. We can repair, rebuild or reinstall any Mac operating system right up to the current APFS based file systems.

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