Fraudulent Phishing Emails

Fraudulent Phishing Emails

Fraudulent emails have become a daily risk in our online lives. Know how to spot them and what to do when you suspect one.


Just this week our very own Finance Director received this email:

At a glance this looks like a perfectly normal email. It is in fact a fraudulent phishing email.


Before clicking on any links you should always check the destination of the link by hovering your mouse over it, this will display the intended site address.


In this case, as shown below, you can see the link is nothing to do with Office365 Business, nor it is a Microsoft website:

Secondly, you should always check the sender details.


As you can see below the ‘From’ field displays the name ‘365 Online Service Team’, however the actual sender is ‘cmims@…’. This will alert you to the fact the email isn’t from Microsoft at all:

In this case the website and email address are quite obviously suspicious, however in some cases the fraudulent website or email are not as obvious. They may simply change one or two letters in the company name so always take your time to thoroughly check what you are being sent and where it has come from.


We hope this helps to bring awareness to the ever-growing issue of cyber fraud.


LogoSystems offer advice and support to all subscription customers on such topical issues. Cover starts from just £10 per Mac per month.


Stay safe online.


The LogoSystems Team

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