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Terms & Conditions

The following terms & conditions apply to all repairs, the DATA and COLLECTION sections are the most important.

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All time-scales given are subject to current backlog. All repairs, except iPods, are typically diagnosed within two working days of receipt unless our ‘Express’ service has been requested and paid for. iPods will be diagnosed within three working days. All repairs will be formally quoted with the projected cost, providing the pre-paid labour charge of £90 is exceeded. Intermittent faults are difficult to replicate, therefore diagnosis time may be protracted. Due to the cost of certain parts the price of a repair can exceed the current value of a Mac. If we feel that this is the case we will inform you.

Data (Very Important)

Neither LogoSystems Ltd nor its employees will be responsible for data on hard disks, iPods, or removable media. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure data is backed-up, prior to booking-in for repair or assessment. The customer accepts that in extreme circumstances the data contained within the unit being left with LogoSystems Ltd may be lost or degraded. FURTHER THAT ALL SUCH DATA HAS BEEN BACKED UP BY THE CUSTOMER and that any such loss of data during any investigation, repair and the like by LogoSystems Ltd, shall not be their responsibility.


All repairs require payment of £90 in order to activate the repair. This covers the cost of diagnostics, a quotation and if accepted, the first hour of labour. An ‘Express’ service is available, subject to workload and additional charges. Please be aware that the ‘Express’ service entitles you to priority service within LogoSystems Ltd’s queuing system only and is payable in advance. Delays to your repair where LogoSystems Ltd is not at fault will not be considered grounds for refund • iPod software restores are charged at £24.


Please do not send in accessories (e.g. power cables, keyboards, mice etc.), unless there is a specific fault with them. LogoSystems Ltd will not accept responsibility for accessories.

Replacement Parts

Any parts removed and / or replaced become the property of LogoSystems Ltd, unless otherwise requested at time of booking-in by the customer.


LogoSystems Ltd have insurance to cover Public liability, and the replacement of any customer machine damaged or lost during fire, flood or burglary. The policy covers the repair of damaged units or the replacement of stolen units with either the current market value in GBP or a replacement machine equivalent or better than the stolen or damaged unit. We are never responsible for the customers data. (Please see the Data section above) Should the customer require a higher level of insurance than this then it should be privately arranged by the customer before delivery to LogoSystems Ltd. Accordingly the machine must not be left by the customer if a higher level of insurance is required. Should the customer leave the machine at LogoSystems Ltd then by so doing the customer accepts the level of insurance offered.


LogoSystems Ltd. aims to complete repairs within 7 days of receipt, subject to the availability of parts. Completion dates are estimated, and whilst every effort is made to meet such dates, LogoSystems Ltd will not be responsible for any delays however caused.

LogoSystems Ltd reserves the right, for security reasons, not to return goods without the customer’s copy of this booking-in form and along with full payment (where applicable). If this is lost then proof of identity and ownership will be required for the collection of a product unless you are well known to us. Please be aware that LogoSystems Support agreement clients will always take precedence over non-contract customers.

Collection (Very Important)
Repaired hardware or hardware left for assessment will be stored for a maximum of 90 days. After this time, for data protection purposes, any data will be securely erased, the device dismantled, and responsibly recycled where possible, otherwise safely and legally disposed of without further notice.

The final balance of all repairs must be paid for upon collection or before delivery of the repaired unit unless credit terms have been established. We will only offer credit terms to maintenance contract customers. We accept cash, cheques, BACS, CHAPS, PayPal and all major credit cards. Other payment methods may be acceptable upon request.